Welcome to Sikeston Raceway

Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway is a family run raceway recently purchased by Dom & Teri Blasco. They are proud to offer area drag racers an excellent all concrete 1/8 mile surface to race on.

Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway “Where everyone is a star a 1/8 mile at a time” – Dyno Dom

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Upcoming Events

We need your used slicks! Don’t toss them, we need them for track prep. If you have used drag slicks, please feel free to drop them off with us anytime, or we can arrange to pick them up within a reasonable distance.


Our Saturday Bracket Racing Classes are as follows:
Trophy Class (Daily Driver, no slicks/open exhaust)
Junior Dragsters (7.50 ET limit)
ET Class (NO ET CAP LIMIT, transbrake allowed, no delay box)
Footbrake Class (no delay box/transbrake, no ET limit)
Super Pro Class (delay box allowed, must run 7.99 or faster)
Test and Tune


Friday Night – $15 Entry
Saturday – $20 Entry
Sunday Afternoon – $15 Entry

Bikes are always welcome for Test and Tune


Exercise Like A Pro Driver

Too many amateur, intermediate as well as professional drivers, the difference between their level of fitness and of professional race driver might appear too big to bridge.

However, while it is a fact that pro drivers are healthy and well being, there are still straightforward fitness motions that any racer can integrate into their training regime. You may as well get the benefits from it as we all know there are many benefits from exercise. Whether you are down the neighborhood fitness center or only in your home, these hints will help improve your performance next time you are on the track.


We get all sorts of benefits from a strong core. A very good standard exercise is bridges, or boards as some folks call them. Not just builds power around your lower spine and your heart, but really in the event that you enter a small place emotionally with it teaches you how you can control your breathing also.


When you are training for racing, you have got to strike the most important muscle groups, and among the most crucial is the own neck. Lie on your back, lift your mind and flip it gradually from left to right. Try and target for 75 repetitions, then repeat the same on the front of the necl. That builds up great endurance and it is obviously pretty safe concerning accidents since you are not utilizing any weight aside from your mind. Your neck’s delicate, and therefore you don’t wish to begin with placing 10-kilo plates onto the side of your own mind — which requires time.

Reaction Time

Reaction improvements and agility can truly help increase your game. Stand very near a wall, facing it. Stare at the wall for a partner behind you throws a tennis ball in it. Then as soon as the tennis ball bounces off the wall, then you have got to grab it with one hand. That is very good for your reflexes and your peripheral vision. It is fun too!


If you are training for racing, then it is a fantastic idea to perform a standard endurance workout, and my taste for this is biking. Get out to the bicycle and receive a stable heartbeat. I will change the length of time my rides are, but to get a good, strong endurance ride, we will be out for 2 and half hours.


I think something with training that is critical, particularly if it’s somebody who’s only getting into it, will be to keep it clean and do things that you truly enjoy doing. Training could be fun and it is very important to appreciate that, so find new things to do to keep it exciting.


How We Improved Our Drag Time With Crazy Bulk

There is a really cool way that we reduced our track times! We are always trying to save weight in our cars but don’t actually consider the weight of our body and how it might slow us down.

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drag race with crazy bulk

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What About Clenbuterol?

This item is used for several health care problems, as an instance, asthma. It functions similarly as epinephrine does. Its principal objective is that among a bronchodilator. However, its other usage was created by several actors. They’ve been using this particular product to assist them with weight reduction. This usage wasn’t supported by any research nor was it accepted by the FDA to confirm that claim.

It’s tagged as a performance-enhancing substance and application of the medication has finished in suspensions from competing for several renowned athletes. It can result in tachycardia. It can lead to elevated blood pressure. And also stress among others.

What Does Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol Do?

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The Advantages of Crazy Bulk

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Wow 2016 is already off with a big bang!!! We’ve locked down some of the biggest names in the street racing scene, along with many of your favorites from TV’s “Street Outlaws” to be at Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway! Along with that, here’s a lot of important news you’ll want to write down.


Ok everyone… that the holidays have passed and everything is settled down, it’s time to think racing again! We will host a certification day here on Saturday, March 12th. The cost is $150, cash or check. We will also have 1 lane “radial prepped” for those wanting to test for Memphis, Saturday & Sunday, 12-5. Please contact Lynne to schedule your appointment 708-268-0554. We will also be open for test and tune this day. $20 to run, $10 spectator entry. See you then!


April 30th- Jackie Knox and the Sonoma will be here racing in the big tire class at the “Kyle Phelps annual NO PREP race”. Big tire, small tire, true radial classes.

June 4th- Kye Kelley will be here for our “Southern Thunder” event, X275 ($5,000 purse), MX235, Mean Street, and 5.50-6.0-6.50-7.0 Index

July 23rd- Bobby Ducote will be here for the “Furious Ford” day, along with Jimmy Plimpton vs Dave Buckley, Georgina Buckley vs Dan Saitz, The Dixie Doorslammers, True Ford, Box, No box, and All Mustang (Any combo, any chassis, any motor, any tire, ANYTHING GOES! )