Track Info

Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway was built in 1969 and was recently purchased by Dom & Teri Blasco in 2012. Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway is a family run establishment offering an 1/8 Mile All Concrete Surface for drag racers.

About Dyno Dom…My love of cars & bikes started when I was a kid..Slot cars….Mini bikes go carts I played and race them all…Then I bought my first hundred dollar 64 Chevelle it burned more oil than gas….327- 4 barrel with a glide… I thought racing it would be fun…I drove up to the strip and the lady at the gate told me it was the drag and Boogie weekend…Wow what a ball little did I know I would be calling my older brother Norm to come pick me up at Great Lakes Dragaway….The old 327 motor had the rods hanging out of the pan…My inspiration for drag racing came from my brother in laws Ken & John and cousin Frank…Little did I know that one day I would be a owner of the Legendary Great Lakes Dragaway…I don’t like drama and negative posts….If you have something to say call the person up keep it off my site or it will be deleted…So if you like cars & bikes and love to race your in the right place…


We need your used slicks! Don’t toss them, we need them for track prep. If you have used drag slicks, please feel free to drop them off with us anytime, or we can arrange to pick them up within a reasonable distance. Thanks!!